About Us

About Designers Arise

The Designers Arise is an initiative of Ellae Creative Agency launched in 2016 to bridge the gap between creative talent and opportunity. We are providing a platform to showcase & discover creative work where designers can appeal to a core Nigerian market, and corporate organizations can discover outstanding Nigerian talent.

The agency has successfully run a designers’ contest for about 12 consecutive months, rewarding and celebrating outstanding design solutions. The Designers Arise platform will aggregate designers’ portfolios, highlight and feature creative talent, and open them up to the right audiences.

Target Audience

  • Creative Talent: Designers.
  • Organizations who want to hire. Organizations who want a design need met.


  • To be the leading platform for designers to showcase their portfolio as well as for recruiting agencies and organizations to hire creative talent in Nigeria and in Africa.


  • Bridge the gap between talent and opportunity
  • Showcase and curate outstanding design solutions
  • Promote, encourage and reward design thinking
  • Contribute to building a virile design community in Nigeria


  • Our mission at Designers Arise is to empower Nigerian and African talent, and give them the opportunity to disrupt the creative world

Power of the Platform


Open up your work and profile to top hiring agencies and organizations

Meet outstanding talent for hire

Get solutions to your design needs.

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