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TASTE OF VICTORY (A Sprite & Spurs Can Drink Design) – May Designers Arise Contest Entry

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The aim of the project was to create a limited edition bottle/can of my favorite beverage infused with graphic elements that represent the team I am rooting for to win the Champions League Finals.

I have created not just a design. but a cohesive and commercial marketing material called “TASTE OF VICTORY” which incorporates elements from both brands which can appeal to the fans of the Football Team and the Consumers of the drink.

I drew color and texture inspiration from the iconic 3rd kit of Totteham Hotspurs and combined it with the greens and blues of Sprite Brand colors and created an easily recognizable design that can be traced to both parties involved.


Image Branding for Nigeria Air The previous logo conveyed an Eagle head, alongside a pair…
by Fiyin Art
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