Project Brief

Designers Arise Launch Edition


Company: Yogtel

About: Yogtel Is a startup telecommunication company located in Lagos, Nigeria trying to launch into the telecom market.

The goal is to create an identity design that represents a telecoms company suited to the millennials in Nigeria.

Brand name for the logo: The brand name for the logo is Yogtel. The brand is basically targeting the youths or young people, with the possibility of providing customer service suited to the young people in society. The youths are the key focus for this company and that should be he focal point of all contestants. The brand needs an identity that is fun and appealing to young people.

Contestants are expected to submit the following branded collaterals;

  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope


Your file should be at least 16" x 16" and have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi

Accepted file formats: JPEG, PNG

RGB color space only

Max file size is 60mb

Designers Arise Contest is an initiative of Ellae Creative to Promote Creativity among the Nigerian Youths and to encourage entrepreneurship in the Art/Design industry.


Entry submission deadline is 19th July and voting will commence from 20th July through to 27th July 2017.


Designers Arise is a platform designed to bridge the gap between creative talent and opportunity. It provides a unique opportunity for designers to showcase their work and get discovered by the worldwide community.

The platform, therefore, helps to aggregate designers’ portfolios, highlight and feature creative talent, and open them up to the right audiences.

You are required to upload your MOST creative project from your design portfolio on the platform and then canvass for votes during the voting period of the challenge.


1. Visit

2. Read through the project brief

3. Create an account

4. Upload your Design

5. Your entry must be a graphic image in JPEG or GIF format

6. The Top 3 creative designs with the highest number of likes wins the Challenge



The winning design(s) will be selected based on the HIGHEST NUMBER OF VOTES obtained during the voting period.


First Prize – N25,000

2nd Prize – N15,000

3rd Prize – N10,000

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